Sunday, June 6, 2010

Californiacation Dalmation Plantation Vacation

I’m out. Out of Knoxville. Out of Tennessee. So peace to you country loving, frat worshipping volunteers. But just for now. Because to be perfectly honest, the orange is finally growing on me. Knoxville. The University of Tennessee. Who would have ever thought? But that’s the view from the sky. The California sky to be more precise. Yup, it was on whim. 5 weeks ago I was going to Paris, 4 weeks ago I was going to Tanzania, 3 weeks ago I was going to Boston, and now, at this very moment I’m looking down at lala land, Los Angeles. And as I just hopped off my plane at LAX with a dream and my cardigan, I am now aboard a flight to San Francisco, to live with one of my best friends in the world in Napa. Because well, why the hell not? I’m stoked.

But the view is different from up here. I look down at the world and it looks like a gigantic playset. I’m flying over the ocean and feel like I could just reach out the window and pick up one of the boats in my right hand and vroom vroom race it with another boat in my left hand. And the blue. The blue goes on forever. The ocean rocks. What the hell is under there anyways? But as I sit on this plane, I'm looking down and realizing that the world really is my playground, and my only goal is to slide down every slide.

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