Thursday, April 29, 2010

She's Back.

I have been back in the real world for almost an entire semester, and let me just say one thing: Re-adapting is a bitch. I miss my friends. I miss the ocean. I miss the unfamiliar. I miss iceberg lettuce. But all good things must end in order for us to find new adventures. So here I am, moving on, one day at a time, still searching for new adventures.

But I am happy to be here, I'm happy to be anywhere.

I thought I had given up on the whole blogging thing. My semester at sea was over, I had sailed around the world. What else could I possibly write about that would even be remotely close to the interesting things I experienced last semester. Well..Life. So I finished circumnavigating the globe, but that doesn't mean I have stopped seeing it. I've been noticing the little things. My life is an adventure. Even here at the University of Tennessee, a place of familiar faces, life is an adventure.

Yesterday I woke up early to the sun beaming through my window. I rolled over and smiled (because that's what I try and do the moment I wake up. smile.) and looked out the window. It's 7:30 am and a man was walking down the street sweeping garbage. I watched him. He seemed happy. And even though his job was so simple, he was making a difference. And as I sat up peering down on him from my 4th story fancy apartment window, I realized that he and I have the exact same worth. And although I will probably never be sweeping the streets on Knoxville, Tennessee, tomorrow I could lose everything. Literally everything. And what if I did have to live a simple life like this fellow street sweeper. Could I handle it? Could I still be happy? That's one thing I am trying to work on. Self Worth. Finding worth and value in everything tiny little thing I do, no matter how small it may be. Yes, I have dreams. BIG Dreams, like moving to Paris. But if something happen and all those dreams went down the shitter, could I still be happy just with myself, with my one single mind and body. I hope so. But anyways, just something to think about- enough rambling. I need to go study for exam. Welcome back to the blogging world, Lauren Fern.


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