Wednesday, December 29, 2010

I’m sitting at barnes & noble. I love this store. I love the smell of it, the homey, intelligent aroma that just floats around- ahhhh perfect for a winter’s day. I’m so intrigued with books. I could stay in here all day and never get bored. Jenna is on my left, Erisy is on my right, and ole Ricky Martin is infront of me, strategically placed in black and white on the cover of his new memoir entitled “Me.” HA! Ricky Matrin? I could have sworn he was dead or something. Haven’t heard anything about him since he admitted he was gay. But who really cares if people are gay anymore anyways? Half the population is gay. And do we really want to read an entire book about how the guy who sang “Shake yo bon-bon” shocked the nation with the news that he, in fact, was gay. I would have been more shocked if he had admitted he was straight. I wish “coming out” would stop being such a big deal. If we would stop making such a big deal about it, then more people would come out, and more people could just be openly gay, and then everyone could just love everyone and the world could be happy!!!! Anyways that’s enough about that.

I can’t believe Christmas has passed. It came. It left. Christmas 2010 is over. And now we all only have one Christmas left because we all KNOW the world is ending in 2012. ;o)

I feel like my Christmas was rather uneventful. Considering I got excited about my new bathmat and sandwich maker presents, I felt particularly old. Yesterday, I went to the predator’s game, and the guy sitting right next to me was just casually enjoying some hockey one second, and the next second takes a puck to the face. Just like that. WAM. Black eye. Concussion. Possibly worse. He was bleeding everywhere. I lost my appetite. So disturbing. And the worst part (not to sound selfish) was that it could have happened to me or one of my friends. Why that guy? What did he do to deserve that? That’s why I’m a full believer in karma- just keep putting the good out, and it will keep coming back to you. And that is my wisdomy little zen rant for the moment. Time to get back to my cwoffe.

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