Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Sooo another update because I have been a little behind.

Viet Nam has passed and it's another one of those places where I am at a complete loss of words. Viet Nam is the most fun I have ever had in my life..ever. So how do I even begin to explain this place? Well unless you all want to read a 620 page novel, I think I'm just going to have to scrape the top of this trip and explain the whole thing when I get back. But basically...

-I sang Vietnamese Karaoke with some locals. Which is nothing like karaoke at lonnie's for those of you who may be wondering.
-I spent the night on a chauffeured wooden canoe with 5 of my best friends- bedless, blanketless, and toiletless.
-I actually had to pee off the side of the canoe while it was still going because our driver wouldn't pull over.
-6 hours later we woke up down the river in the middle of nowhere.
-We came across a village and stayed with a family there for 2 nights.
-No one spoke english, but they loved us and fed us squid jerky. It was amazingly gross.
-I rode a bike through the village sporting a kimono robe and rice hat.
-By pure miracle, we somehow made it 6 hours back to the ship.
-I climbed through the Cu chi Tunnels of the Viet Nam war
-I shot an M-60 machine gun.
-I had a traditional Vietnamese Massage..what an experience!
-I got a dress made.
-I rode around the city of Saigon on motorcycles.
-I actually got hit by a bus on one of them. No worries though, I was fine, just a little freaked.
-I sat on tiny chairs in the street with Vietnamese locals, while they served me mystery meats and questionable coffee.
-I pretty much had the best time of my life.

So there you have it..Viet Nam in a nutshell!

Tomorrow we port in Hong Kong. And in 2 days, I'm flying to Beijing to climb and sleep on the great wall (it's 10 degrees there right no ahhh!) But then I'm heading to Shanghai. I'm so excited..but so sad at the same time. My trip is coming to an end. I don't know how I will ever be able to say bye to this ship. These people are my family. My life will never be the same.

Last night I pulled an all-nighter, simply because I wanted to do. I watched the sunrise this morning and it was the most beautiful one I have seen yet..for real for real.  The water was a deep purple, and the sky was teal, hot pink, gray, red, green, and baby blue. I didn't know sunrises like this one exited. Sitting there this morning in a transfixed gaze, I wished more than anything that the whole world could see what I was seeing. However, I did pay for my lack of sleep today after I fell asleep for two hours on the piano lounge couch admits everyone. I like sleeping there. I love being around everyone. It's kinda like taking a nap in the living room of a crowded house.. this ship is my house. How will I ever leave this place? And who am I going to talk to about this whole experience when I get back? It's like that jimmy buffet song "try to describe the ocean if you've never seen it." No one is going to understand what I've been through because words really don't do it.

But I do miss my real house. I do miss my bed,and avocados, and cereal, and milk, and sandwiches, and my dogs, and of course my friends and family. teehee so goodnight to all of you, actually good morning...its 14 hours earlier your time so I have already experienced the whole day you are about to experience. But dont worrrryy I won't tell you what happens. ha.



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