Thursday, November 19, 2009

Konichiwa everyone. Just posted some pics from Viet Nam..a little late, but i've been busy. China's on its way, but probably not until after I get back from Japan in a week.
But yeah..on that note..I"M GOING TO JAPAN TOMORROW! I'm porting in Yokohoma and then hopping on the bullet train to get to Tokyo. I'm not quite sure where the rest of my trip will take me. Possibly Disney Land? Maybe a hot spring? Maybe Mt. Fuji? But I'm definitly ending it with a Japanese overnight homestay that is sure to be quite the experience.
But anywayssss..i'm getting up in 3 hours to watch the sunrise over Japan and I can't wait. I'm a little nervous about the rediculously strict Japanese customs tomorrow. They take our fingerprints, temperature, and unfortunatley MAKE us travel with our passports. And if we lose our passports, customs will not let us back on the ship, which means we cannot sail to Hawaii, which means we will miss 10 days of class, which means we will fail the program, and not get any credit for Semester at Sea and be stuck in Japan to find our own way back to America. Soooo pretty much- if I lose my passport- My life is over. So to all of you prayers, church goers, and spiritual ones...keep me and my little blue passport of life in your thoughts over the next few days because needless to say,  I'm insanely nervous.
And on that note I leave you to wake up in Japan.
peace. love. and sushie.
lauren fern

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